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Text of Transform the employee experience

  • its time to get over our obsession

    with employee engagement


    transform the employee

  • surveys say

  • we have an engagement problem

  • customer serviceisnt a cool place to work

  • IT isnt a cool place to work

  • banksarent a cool place to work

  • []isnt a cool place to work

  • employee engagement is write down the first 5 words or phrases come to mind

  • ?How can we increase employee engagement?

  • How can we increase employee engagement?

  • hmmm, we need to change the way we survey!

  • ?How can we measure employee happiness

  • How can we measure employee happiness

  • you wont build

    empathyfrom surveys

  • you wont connect with

    people from surveys

  • you wont discover

    insightsfrom surveys

  • surveys

    scratch hopelessly into surfaces

  • quantifiable, rational,

    but soulless

  • surface view into

    function, utility, satisfaction

  • extrinsic focus

    provokes jumping ship

  • leads to

    me too sea of sameness

  • what will I get (money, benefits, time, status)?

    how much does it cost (effort, time, money, status)?

    how does it compare?

  • youre asking the wrong questions

  • how do I see this employee?

  • how do I see this employee?

  • despite the high level of corporate spending on engagement, survey results released in January by polling giant Gallup estimated that less than one-third of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobsmeaning involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace ~Fastcompany

  • Jeff Golden, flickr

    do you think our kids are fully engaged?

    we should do an engagement survey!

  • INSANITYis doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.~Einstein

  • Most failures in industry are not that people cant solve problems; its that theyre not always great at identifying the right problems to solve.~John Kembel, Stanford d.School

  • organizations are asking the wrong questions

  • organizations are solving the wrong problem

  • organizations are having the wrong conversation

  • what the surveys DONT say

  • we have a

    organizational design problem

  • or even better

  • we have a

    business design opportunity

  • we have an

    innovation opportunity

  • we need to

    reform workplaces

  • using the word engagement often limits our thinking. Its assumes that our job is to reach out and engage people, rather than to build an organization that is exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, and fun ~Josh Bersin, Forbes

  • using the word engagement often limits our thinking. Its assumes that our job is to reach out and engage people, rather than to build an organization that is exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, and fun

  • Jeff Golden, flickr

    How might we create a joyful home?

  • an opportunity for discovering and shapingthe place where the self meets the world~David Whyte

    work /werk/

  • the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done, but

    who we have become while accomplishing the task. ~David Whyte

  • Well use the greatest violin maker in the world as our example.. well imagine that its an Italian violin maker named Franco and that Franco has a studio where 15 or 20 apprentice and journeyman violin makers work alongside Franco making the most exquisite violins in the world.Is Franco happy? He is alternately ecstatic, frustrated, transported, confused, exhausted and lost in the zone. He and his work are inextricable from one another. No one would say about Franco or his employees Theyre happy. Instead, people in Francos town would say Those guys live and breathe violins, and people around the world rejoice.~Liz Ryan

    Brent Pearson, Flickr

  • The workmanship was much better in

    Bachs time than it is now. One had first to be a craftsman. Now we have only talent. We do not have the absorption in detail,

    the burying of oneself in

    craftsmanship to be resurrected a great


  • What we have to confront in the present workplace is the reluctance to engage in conversations that really invite the creative qualities hidden deep inside each human being. It is a reluctance born of the knowledge that by inviting creativity and passion, the organization must also make room for fear and failure

  • It is a high stakes game for the company

  • but it is also very high stakes for the individuals playing out their lifes destiny within its walls. ~David Whyte

  • workhorse /wrkhrs/

    a person or machine that dependably performs hard work over a long period of time

  • Manager is derived from the old Italian and French words maneggio and manage, meaning the

    training, handling and riding of a horse. It is strange to think that the whole spirit of management is derived from the image of getting on the back of a beast, digging your knees in, and heading it in a certain direction.

  • The inherited language of the corporate workplace is far too small for us now. It has too little poetry, too little humanity, and too little good business sense for the world that lies before us.~David Whyte

  • artist /rdst/

    a person skilled at a particular task or occupation

  • In what way might your talents and experiences fit in with what we do?~Skaltek interview question

  • Please take a few days to think about whether you want to work for us. If the answer is yes, please send us a proposal outlining what you think you can do for us, what your job description might look like

  • Every human being is a Leonardo da Vinci. The only problem is that he doesnt know it. His parents didnt know it, and they didnt treat him like a Leonardo. Therefore he didnt become like a Leonardo. Thats my basic theory. ~Oystein Skalleberg, Founder Skaltek

  • entrepreneur /ntrprnr/

    a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk

  • transform each employee from someone who

    takes orders & writes


    to someone

    who is an

    innovative thinker

    innovation @infosys

    ~CEO Vishal Sikka

  • innovation is about designing

    customers~Michael Schrage

  • innovation is about designing


  • who do you want your employees to become

  • who do your employees want to become?

  • Jeff Golden, flickr

    how might we create a home in which our kids can grow up to become happy, self-aware, and compassionate


  • questions

    ask provocative

    to learn more about asking provocative questions, check out my slideshare

  • ?How might we create an environment in which people are empowered to do the best work* of their lives

    *remembering our definition of work

  • ?How might we design an organization in which ordinary people are enabled to do extraordinary things

  • ?

    How might we rethink performance management in a way that helps people unleash their imaginations and craft their lifes opus

  • [Companies] must find a real way of asking people to bring these hidden, heartfelt qualities into the workplace. A way that doesnt make them feel manipulated for the subject of some five-year plan. They must ask for a real conversation.~David Whyte

  • imagine



    conversation starts here

    understand reigning myths

    visualize future


    play with


  • change, growth, transformation always involve identity, status, affiliation

  • EXPLOREperceptions of the present and the past, mythology of employees, teams, communities within your organization

    which means you need to

  • explore

    mysteries hidden beneath measurable surfaces

  • qualitative

    intuitive insights into soul

  • deep probing into

    beliefs, desires, significance

  • intrinsic purpose attracting commitment

  • leads to transformation

    becoming unique

  • is this me?

    does this fit into my world?

    how does this make me feel?

    how will it affect me?

    what are other people doing?

    does it provide meaning or pleasure?

    how does it connect with my legacy?

  • WHY

  • provoked in


  • unraveled through


  • spread through


  • WHY?




    features, function











    features, function


  • tools for exploration



  • LISTENstories build empathy

  • If someone from Mars came down and saw what you were doing as a housekeeper, what would they call you?Serenity SistersClutter BustersPeace of Mind Police

    they were creating a space for a traveler who was far away from home to feel safe and protected.

    ~via Chip Conley