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What does CEO stand for? Customers, Employees, Owners...three critical stakeholders for organizational success. Which one is the most important? Think of your employees as your most valuable asset. What are the best techniques to effectively communicate to your employees, raise morale and foster attraction and retention of the best and the brightest?

Text of Employee Communications

  • 1. Kevin Brett J410 May 9, 2013
  • 2. Customers: Customer Satisfaction Employees: ? Owners: Shareholder Value
  • 3. Wal-Mart: 2.2 million FedEx: 228,866 Starbucks: 160,000 Amazon: 88,400 Whole Foods: 64,127 Nordstrom: 58,140 Microsoft: 55,455 Intel: 48,350 Nike: 44,000 Cisco: 35,336 Google: 34,311 REI: 10,757
  • 4. High unemployment; High underemployment Sense that employees are trapped Fungible commodity Depreciating asset Customer satisfaction; Shareholder value are higher priorities
  • 5. Talent (engineers, architects, auditors, analysts, lawyers, PR/marketing pros) Customer/partner/supplier/shareholder relations Word-of-mouth advertisers All great organizations have valuable employee contributors
  • 6. 2012 2013 Academic/expert, 68% 69% Tech Expert, 66% 67% Financial/industry analyst, 46% 51% Person Like Myself, 65% 61% NGO Representative, 50% 51% Regular Employee, 50% 50% CEO, 38% 43% 64% trust companies that treat their employees well
  • 7. C-Level listening tours, webcast Two-way corporate Intranets Employee magazines via Web Employee videos via Web Quarterly conference calls Three Intranet stories per week to inform and build morale
  • 8. LSI Logic Employee Communications Preferences/Quantitative Survey of 400 Employees 1. Management Town Hall Meetings, 93% 2. Company Intranet Portal (Planet LSI), 73% 3. Logically Speaking (Qtr. Magazine), 29% 4. LSI World (Qtr. Video), 29% Result: Shut down magazine and video; emphasized management meetings and intranet; saved $250,000 annually
  • 9. Companies acquire companies to gain new technology and talent Approximately 70% of deals fail (e.g., Time-Warner/AOL) Acquiring companies blow integration Acquired employees head for the exits Need to welcome acquired employees make them part of the team
  • 10. Organizations most valuable asset Goes home at night; will they return in a.m.? Retention becoming a big issue Treating employees well is a winner Use digital tools to communicate Rely on credible communicators Motivate your best and your brightest
  • 11. Google Search engine SAS Privately held software developer CHG HealthCare Services Healthcare staffing Boston Consulting Group Management techniques Wegmans Supermarkets NetApp Data storage Hilcorp Energy Energy Provider Edward Jones Financial services Ultimate Software Software Provider Camden Property Trust Apartment developer
  • 12. The recession/lousy economy will eventually end The siren call of the cherry picker is in the air Retention will become a big issue High costs of replacing workers (~$60k) Employees are shareholders too (ESPP, stock options)/Increasing CSR Interest
  • 13. Why layoffs? Insufficient revenue to meet payroll Need to restructure company eliminate businesses Need to eliminate redundancies after acquisitions or mergers Survival
  • 14. Survivors Impacted employees Customers Media, especially local media Financial and market analysts

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