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Malaysia Report2016 Edelman Trust Barometer

Hello everyone.Welcome. Thanks for coming.1

Informed Public8 years in 20+ marketsRepresents 15% of total global population500 respondents in U.S. and China; 200 in all other countries

Must meet 4 criteria: Ages 25-64College educatedIn top 25% of household income per age group in each countryReport significant media consumption and engagement in business news

General Online Population

5 years in 25+ marketsAges 18+1,150 respondents per country

Methodology 28-country global data margin of error: General Population +/-0.6% (N=32,200), Informed Public +/- 1.2% (N=6,200), Mass Population +/- 0.6% (26,000). Country-specific data margin of error: General Population +/- 2.9 ( N=1,150), Informed Public +/- 6.9% (N = min 200, varies by country), China and U.S. +/- 4.4% (N=500), Mass Population +/- 3.0 to 3.6 (N =min 740, varies by country), half sample Global General Online Population +/- 0.8 (N=16,100). 16 years of data33,000+ respondents totalAll fieldwork was conducted between October 13th and November 16th, 2015Online Survey in 28 CountriesMass Population

All population not including Informed PublicRepresents 85% of total global population



Trust in Retrospect3Rising Influence of NGOs2001Business Must Partner with Government to Regain Trust2009Fall of the Celebrity CEO2002Earned Media More Credible Than Advertising2003U.S. Companies in Europe Suffer Trust Discount2004Trust Shifts from Authorities to Peers2005A Person Like Me Emerges as Credible Spokesperson2006Business More Trusted Than Government and Media2007Young Influencers Have More Trust in Business2008Trust is Now an Essential Line of Business2010Rise of Authority Figures2011Fall of Government2012Crisis of Leadership2013Business to Lead the Debate for Change2014Trust is Essential to Innovation2015Growing Inequality of Trust2016


Trust MattersSource: 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Q371-589. Thinking back over the past 12 months, have you taken any of the following actions in relation to companies that you trust? Please answer yes or no to each action. General Population, Malaysia, question asked of half the sample. Q377-380. Still thinking about the past 12 months, have you taken any of the following actions in relation to companies that you do not trust? Please answer yes or no to each action. General Population, Malaysia, question asked of half the sample.

4Percent who engage in each behavior based on trustBehaviors for Distrusted CompaniesBehaviors for Trusted CompaniesRefused to buy products/servicesCriticized companiesShared negative opinionsDisagreed with othersPaid more than wanted Sold sharesChose to buy products/servicesRecommended them to a friend/colleagueShared positive opinions onlineDefended companyPaid moreBought sharesmost trusted content creators: #1Friends and Familymost trusted media source: #1Online Search EnginesGeneral Population

IT - Trust is not an abstract concept or an afterthought. It is directly linked to how people behave. Your credibility determines whether people consume your products, services and message or choose an alternative. In the all-important realm of social media, trust determines whether they will recommend and defend you or be your harshest critics. Trust may even matter more in Malaysia than elsewhere.. Choose to buy: 76 Vs 68 (global figure)Recommended them to a friend/colleague: 67 Vs 59 (global figure)Shared positive opinions online: 61 Vs 41 (global figure)


1The state of Trust

IT - So what do this years results tell us about the state of trust in 2016?



49Australia49Italy49U.S.47Hong Kong46Spain45S. Africa42Germany42S. Korea42U.K.41France41Ireland41Turkey39Russia38Japan37Sweden35Poland




58Brazil58Italy58Malaysia57U.K.55France54S. Africa53Argentina53Spain52Hong Kong51Germany50S. Korea

Trust Index:General Population LagsAverage trust in institutions, Informed Public vs. General Population, 2016

Nearly 6 in 10 countries are distrusters among the General Population

The Trust Index is an average of a countrys trust in the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs. 28-country global total.







IT choose data points. But among the General Population, things look very different. Compare the chart on the right to that on the left: instead of just a handful of distrusters for Informed Public, 60% of the General Population are distrusters, even where economies are good.

For example, look at the difference in the U.S. 64% of Informed Public say theyre trusting; while only 49% Gen Pop thinks that. Also notice that all the trusting countries for general population are in Asia.

Its as if youre looking through the world through two different sets of glasses.6






48Italy48S. Africa47Hong Kong47S. Korea46U.K.45Argentina45Poland45Russia45Spain45Sweden40Turkey37Ireland37Japan

58Brazil58Italy58Malaysia57U.K.55France54S. Africa53Argentina53Spain52Hong Kong51Germany50S. Korea


Trust Index:Informed Public Drives ReboundAverage trust in institutions,Informed Public, 2015 vs. 2016



Informed Public trust up 5 pointsTrusters from 22% in 2015 to 39% in 2016

Distrusters from 48% in 2015 to 21% in 2016




7The Trust Index is an average of a countrys trust in the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs. 27-country global total.

IT - Even in a year where we have had profound change and many high-profile scandals (FIFAs leadership ousted, leadership of Brazils biggest bank arrested, Germanys Deutsche Bank issues) -- even with these, the number of distrusting countries fell substantially among Informed Publics vs. last year and previous years. Overall, Informed Public trust is up 5 points, and the number of truster countries has increased from just a handful to nearly 40% of the total.=====Country Insights:

China: Trust still up +7 despite Q3 2015 market crash Communist Party in October 2015 outlines a new development approach, with a focus on innovation and reassured the public that market fundamentals and reforms are on track = govt proactive in shaping publics perceptions through formalized agendasGrowing start-ups with tremendous VC supportLocal MNCs doing well with Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and LenovoGovernment has enabled shared economy infrastructure and businessPeople have mixed feelings on hidden government intervention to protect shareholders/investors translating into public economic rescueNo major corruption scandals due to govt effortsPsychological disposition of peopleBooming internet + technology enhancing consumer experience- elevating consumptionExpectation for media to do the right thingUAE: Drop is economic driven: prospect of long-term depressed oil prices and unknown economic consequences NOT a drop in trust in government ; still remains the among the most trusting environmentsReflects the broader macroeconomic story in the regionUncertainly over the regional conflicts (KSA, Iran) has affected public confidence on geo political stabilityItaly: Among distrusters last year, now in neutral zoneDriven by economic recovery, though slow, forecasting higher growth rate in 2016Exports driving economic growthBenefiting from success of Expo 2015 in MilanReforming attitudes driven by PM Matteo Renzi, who initiated a constitutional reform resulting in a referendum and Jobs Act that changed labor markets legislative infrastructure- well received in business segmentsUnemployment down to 11.5% vs. 13% in 2015Higher trust in media driven by expose, Mafia Capitale, which uncovered the corruption scandal in RomeAustralia: surprise to Australians- with new power regime: The Turnbull EffectNew PM brought a fast economic rebound- but now public wants more tangible resultsNew administration is cited as the core reason behind the sustainability of booming real estate sectorBanks and business sector are confident despite commodities crash, turmoil in China (AUS major trading partner)Experiencing strong economic position,:Effects felt more with informed public: higher property valuesEmployment levels within skilled/tertiary educated workers remained high with big demand for professional work forceAll driving a more positive outlook and linked with higher personal wealth levels and higher pension fundsUK: turning to conservative economic policies and no opposition to new Conservative partyStrong economic performancegeographically insulated from immigration crisis/China crash/terrorismNot seen any larger scandalsBusiness has a positive role to play in social and economic development: has become a channel for positive government initiatives


49Australia49Italy49U.S.47Hong Kong46Spain45S. Africa42Germany42S. Korea42U.K.41France41Ireland41Turkey39Russia38Japan37Sweden35Poland