3d tracking : chapter3 fiducial-based tracking

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  • 1. Monocular Model-Based 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects: A Survey
    2008. 12. 11.
    Chapter 3. Fiducial-Based Tracking

2. 3. Agenda
Monocular Model-Based 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects : A Survey
Chapter 3. Fiducial-Based Tracking
3.1 Point Fiducials
3.2 Planar Fiducials
4. 3.1 Point Fiducial
The 3D positions of the fiducials in the world coordinate system
are assumed to be precisely known
5. 3.1 Point Fiducial
circular fiducials work best
invariant under perspective distortion
6. 3.1 Point Fiducial
circular fiducials work best
easily be determined with sub-pixel accuracy
color-coded fiducials for an identification
can be estimated up to sub-pixel accuracy
7. 3.2 Planar Fiducials
8. 3.2 Planar Fiducials
squared, black on white, fiducials
four corners of such fiducialsprovides correspondence
it yields a robust, low-cost solutionfor real-time 3D tracking
9. 3.2 Planar Fiducials
1. black border on a white background to facilitate the detection
1. the image is binarized
2. straight line and corner detection
2. An inner pattern allows the identification
1. compare it by template matching with the known patterns
3. estimating the homography
If the internal parameters of the camera are known, the camera pose can be recovered from
10. Thanks for your attention