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  • 1. hello! narita ayako portforio
  • 2. works narita ayako works Pola-Ster Campaign Works Figure Art-Box IDEAS AGENCY VIDEO SAPPORO MEDIA ART FESTA noumenon
  • 3. works Figure Pola-Ster 006. Campaign 0 Art-Box class 006.
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  • 5. podcast IDEAS AGENCY VIDEO works Ideas Agency Video is a monthly update on good ideas and creativity in the area of design, culture, foods, holistic living and lifestyle in Sapporo, featuring videos that get an inside look at the people who create them. All of our content is based on the theme of Many Good Ideas in Sapporo. Ideas Agency Video is produced by Media Design Course of Design Department at the Sapporo City University. sapporo is colerful 2007/12 a film by Sachiko SEKIGUCHI Mika KONDO Keisuke SUNADA Tsubasa FUKUDA Marie SAKURAI Ayako NARITA Yuka FUKUURA Juri OMACHI Mariko YAMAMOTO music by Tsubasa HAMAGUCHI ideas agency video sapporo is colerful This is a video to spread the world the charm of Sapporo produced by students of Sapporo City University.This is based on the concept The image exceeded the wall of the language. The theme is Sapporo is colorful.Sapporo is a town where the city coexists with nature, and various colors are shown through the four seasons.Sapporo has the beautiful white of snow and the clear air, therefore those colors shine. This white and various colors are sent to the world as a charm of Sapporo. 9
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