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  • 1. SPORT: useful ordangerous?

2. Sport is a very popular activity all over the world . 3. First of all sport builds humans character. 4. Sportmakes youstrong andhealthy, itteachesyou aboutlife. 5. Sport makes you disciplined 6. It is a good way to meet people even from other countries. 7. Sporthelps towork off your extraenergy 8. Sport is a fame, medals and Cups 9. Sport is ahonour 10. Sport isbeautiful 11. Sport isexciting! 12. BUT!!!Sport may be very dangerous! 13. Sport takes a lot of time and energy 14. Sport needs only work, work andhard work 15. As a result people havebroken legs and arms 16. Famous sportsmen became disabled persons. 17. Many sportspeople use anabolic and drugs 18. Somegroups of fans getdrunkand fightwith eachother 19. Sport makes you unhappywhen you lose 20. You have no friends, only rivals