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Otomasi Sistem - 02 1 Otomasi Sistem Peralatan Otomasi Sistem: Sensor dan Aktuator Ir. Jos Pramudijanto, M.Eng. Jurusan Teknik Elektro FTI ITS Telp. 5947302 Fax.5931237 Email: [email protected]

Peralatan Otomasi Sistempersonal.its.ac.id/files/material/3889-jos-ee-Otomasi236...Otomasi Sistem - 02 2 Objektif: Pengertian Sensor dan Aktuator Sensors: Position sensors Velocity

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Text of Peralatan Otomasi Sistempersonal.its.ac.id/files/material/3889-jos-ee-Otomasi236...Otomasi Sistem -...

Otomasi Sistem - 02 1

Otomasi Sistem

Peralatan Otomasi Sistem:Sensor dan Aktuator

Ir. Jos Pramudijanto, M.Eng.Jurusan Teknik Elektro FTI ITS

Telp. 5947302 Fax.5931237Email: [email protected]

Otomasi Sistem - 02 2

Objektif:Pengertian Sensor dan AktuatorSensors:

Position sensorsVelocity sensorsAcceleration sensorsTemperature sensorsForce sensorsPressure sensorsLight sensors

ActuatorsMotorRelayAktuator Hidrolik

Otomasi Sistem - 02 3

Pengertian Sensors dan Aktuator

Sensor - an electronic transducer that converts some physical quantity into an electrical quantity

Aktuator - an electronic transducer that converts electrical energy into a physical quantity.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 4

Position SensorsPotentiometer (rotary and linear)

Proximity switch (mechanical)

Piezo-ceramic, piezo-resistiveLVDT

Otomasi Sistem - 02 5

Potensiometer Sensor analog yang bekerja seperti divider

Otomasi Sistem - 02 6

Potensiometer untuk posisi

Otomasi Sistem - 02 7

Analog and Digital SensorsRotary Linear

Optical Encoder

Otomasi Sistem - 02 8

Rotary Optical Encoder

Otomasi Sistem - 02 9

Increment EncoderGenerally Have two picks up that are 90 degrees out of Phase (A and B) This allows you to determine the direction of rotation and thus count up or downBy using the rising and falling edges of both A and B we can get 4 times the number of slots.May have one or more index marks for homing.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 10

Absolute EncoderGray Code Vs BinaryGray Code only changes by one bit per transition.At least one sensor per track.


01 00


00 10

Otomasi Sistem - 02 11


Otomasi Sistem - 02 12

Rangkaian Synchro

Otomasi Sistem - 02 13

Velocity SensorsAccelerometer (piezo-electric)

Optical Encoder absolute or incremental position, direction

Tachometer shaft velocity, typically a PM DC motor

Otomasi Sistem - 02 14


Sensor ini konstruksinya mirip motor DC magnet permanen.Tegangan keluaran yang dihasilkan berupa tegangan DC.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 15

Acceleration sensors

Accelerometers measure acceleration, vibration and shock measurementsTypical device:outputs from 100m to 2.5V/g.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 16


Strain gage

Piezo-electric (AC coupled)

Otomasi Sistem - 02 17

Sensor Tekanan

Otomasi Sistem - 02 18

Types of Strain Gages

Rosette GagesSingle Element

*Apply set of equations to determine coordinate stress components.

Rata-rata stress pada luasan gage. Ukuran gage sangat penting!

Otomasi Sistem - 02 19

Load sensorsSee: http://www.entran.com/ela.htm100 through 10,000Lbs

Otomasi Sistem - 02 20

Sensor Temperatur

Otomasi Sistem - 02 21

What are thermocouples?Thermocouples operate under the principle that a circuit made by connecting two dissimilar metals produces a measurable voltage (emf-electromotive force) when the two ends of the thermocouple circuit are at different temperatures.

They are inexpensive, small in size, rugged and remarkably accurate when used with an understanding of their peculiarities.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 22

Bahan Material Thermocouple

Chromel - Constantan (E Curve)Iron - Constantan (J Curve)Chromel - Alumel (K Curve)Platinum+Rhodium 13% - Platinum (R Curve)Platinum+Rhodium 10% - Platinum (S Curve)Copper - Constantan (T Curve)Tungsten - Rhenium (C Curve)

Otomasi Sistem - 02 23

Thermocouple Material Vs EMFTypes T, J, and K are most commonly used thermocouples.

Otomasi Sistem - 02 24

RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)Bekerja berdasarkan perubahan resistansi logam karena perubahan temperaturBerbagai logam yang sering digunakan untuk RTD

platina (linier, sangat mahal, umum dipakai)Nikel (range temperatur lebih rendah, lebih murah, nonlinier) Nickle alloys (range temperatur lebih rendah, lebih murah)Tembaga (range temperatur lebih rendah)

Otomasi Sistem - 02 25


= oT1



constant material = re temperatumeasured = T

Tat measured resistance reference = Rwhere


Otomasi Sistem - 02 26

Sensor Temperatur IC LM335

Otomasi Sistem - 02 27

Sensor Temperatur IC AD590/AD592

Otomasi Sistem - 02 28

Light sensors

Photo-voltaic cell

CdS sensor (R output)


Otomasi Sistem - 02 29

Non-Contact SensorsUltrasonic

OpticalMagnetic (Inductive, Reed, Hall Effect)Laser vibrometer, interferometerCapacitiveEddy current

Otomasi Sistem - 02 30

AktuatorRoda Gigi



Otomasi Sistem - 02 31

AktuatorDriver Amplifier

Silinder Hidrolik

Selenoid Hidrolik


q-inq-out q-out



q-inq-out q-out








Distribut ion Valve

Otomasi Sistem - 02 32

Relay Mekanik dan Elektrik

Otomasi Sistem - 02 33

Silinder Hidrolik

Otomasi SistemObjektif:Pengertian Sensors dan AktuatorPosition SensorsPotensiometer Potensiometer untuk posisiAnalog and Digital SensorsRotary Optical EncoderIncrement EncoderAbsolute EncoderSynchroRangkaian SynchroVelocity SensorsTachogeneratorAcceleration sensorsGaya/TorsiSensor TekananTypes of Strain GagesLoad sensorsSee: http://www.entran.com/ela.htmSensor Temperatur What are thermocouples?Bahan Material ThermocoupleThermocouple Material Vs EMFRTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) ThermistorSensor Temperatur IC LM335Sensor Temperatur IC AD590/AD592Light sensorsNon-Contact SensorsAktuatorAktuatorRelay Mekanik dan ElektrikSilinder Hidrolik