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  • Eli Cohen Bio

    Mr. Eli Cohen is the CEO of SMARTRADE E.C. Ltd, a business development

    innovative solutions provider, since 2014. SMARTRADE holds an exclusive

    distribution agreement with FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation in Israel),

    covering over 550 private pharmacies. The agreement also includes the pharmacies

    business development, BTL, and PL.

    SMARTRADE holds strategic partnership agreements with two of the leading Israeli

    marketing and trade websites providing exposure to over one million potential

    consumers, with other additional agreements pending.

    Mr. Cohen has over 30 years of managerial, marketing, and commercial experience in

    the pharmaceuticals and consumables markets in Israel and in the international arena.

    He managed as CEO of Promedico Ltd. (a subsidiary of Neopharm), since July 1,

    2011, generating over 1 billion NIS income with 650 employees. In addition, he was

    responsible for the groups supply chain, including interaction and experience with

    Israels leading wholesalers, pharmaceutical chains, private pharmacies, food

    industry, and the retail industry all of which provided the exposure and the

    opportunity to create close professional long-term connections. His interactions both

    with leading international and domestic companies included; Johnsons & Johnsons,

    Abbott, and Reckitt Benckieser, with famous brand names such as Advil, Listerine,

    Durex, and Similac.

    He managed as the V.P of Trade and Sales at Neopharm Ltd. In this role, Mr. Cohen

    was responsible for the department's direct exponential growth while maintaining the

    highest professional standards of quality. He joined Neopharm in 1986 as Manager of

    the commercial, distribution, and sales operations of OTC drugs and consumables.

    Prior to joining Neopharm, he managed the commercial and marketing operations of

    Geha, at the time a major distribution company for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and


    Before joining Geha, he was a medical representative at Novaritis (previously known

    as Ciba Geigy), where he also performed as a clinical trial manager in one of the

    worlds leading drug companies, and a sales manager at one of the largest leading

    merchandisers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Israel.

    Mr. Cohen holds a B.A in Business Management from the University of Tel Aviv,

    specializing in the marketing field.